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Major Responsibilities:

-Cut hose according to length specifications
-Assemble sockets/nipples and adapters on hose
-Perform all required tests and measurements
-Do WIP inspections on components and assemblies
-Box for shipment to customer when applicable
-Records hours expended in the Daily Time Allocation/Production Cards
-Maintains the equipment, workplaces and the general area in a neat and orderly manner
-Complies with OSHA and EPA regulations
-Plans assembly procedures, following specifications.
-Removes small quantities of metal to clean parts or to produce close fit between parts.
-Drills, taps, or reams holes.
Aligns components, and bolts, screws, or rivets them together.
Installs moving parts, such as shafts, levers, or bearings, and works them to test free movement.

  • 40 Hours/week – Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 3:30 PM
  • Opportunity for overtime.

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